Tongue-twisters has been sabotaging speaking abilities around the world for centuries. As entertaining as they might seem, their origin had a different motive, to help students speak proper, and help with speech impediments.

Regardless of which country in the world you chose to visit, they all have one thing in common: Tonque-twisters. Most people are familiar with Sally and her seashells, or the wood-pecking woodpecker, but that is just the very tip of the tongue-twisting iceberg. 

Did you know that the famous seashell collector infact was a real person? Mary Anning was her name and she was born in 1799. Anning was a fossil-collector on the seashores of England, andbecame a famous palantologist. Not only did she inspire one of the most famous tongue-twisters in the world, but  also contributed to the history of the earth with her prehistoric findings. 

Each and every country has their own unique sayings, which you can explore throught our new collection of "Tongue-twisters around the world". Our intent with this collection is to embrace all the different cultures and languages throughout the world, and share with one another. 

Perhaps you are trying to sharp your tongue for a new semester abroad, you live far from home and miss the sound of your native tongue, or perhaps you just find the danish translation of "Red porridge with Cream" entertaining. Worry not, we something for every taste. Whether your speak Swedish or Swahili. 

Peaked your interest? Feel free to browse our collection!

Did we miss something? Please send us your own submission of a tongue-twister you would like to see on our page! Send a mail to and we will do our best do make it happen!


November 22, 2020 — Alfred Andersen Feldthaus