Depressed media

Our Story

DEPRESSED MEDIA is a danish founded poster shop established in 2020.  The concept is beautiful and esthetic art which stimulates the mind, as well as  provoke critical thinking.  We live in a sometimes depressing world, which is why we humbly aim to give something back, and prove that even the darkest dark can be art in itself.

In other words DEPRESSED MEDIA's intention is to bring a bright smile to an otherwise grey and boring everyday. Sometimes through clever thinking or sarcasm, other times via beautiful wall art with a blink in the eye.

Even thought our name is DEPRESSED MEDIA we always aim to bring a smile to our customers through our wide variaty of interesting posters and wall art. We range from silly tongue-twisters to harrowing pictures of Tjernobyl and everything in between. All of our prints are museum quality, and made to last. Our prints are always made with the utmost attention and is delivered to you within 3-4 days whether you are from Canada or Cambodja.

As previously mentioned, we live in a depressed world, therefor the least we can do, is offer great customer service at competetive prices to almost everywhere in the world.